​More self-care. Less stress. More money.

​Is ​owning your business making you happy?

  • Are you a female business owner?
  • ​Do you feel stressed, lonely or overwhelmed?
  • ​Are you taking care of everyone but yourself?
  • Do you need help growing your business?
  • Would you like education designed specifically for female ​solo entrepreneurs?
  • Would you enjoy being part of an online community of female business owners who understand?

​The Serene Solopreneur community can help!

​Our mission is to help female solo entrepreneurs to:

  • Take better care of themselves.
  • Reduce overwhelm by providing education and support designed specifically for female entrepreneurs.
  • ​Grow your businesses so you can make more money.

The Serene Solopreneur is an online community ​for ​women ​entrepreneurs who run home-based businesses, in addition to other responsibilities. ​We interact using daily Facebook prompts and through four live ​webinars every month. ​Our members love the education, as well as being a member of a community ​designed specifically to support women entrepreneurs.

What is a ​Serene Solopreneur​?

​​The Serene Solopreneur began as a online community to support women entrepreneurs. It is a ​place where home-based female ​​entrepreneurs can ​"let down their guard" and find education and emotional support -- without leaving their home! ​

The Serene Solopreneur recognizes that ​women entrepreneurs have more responsibilities than just their business, that life can be messy, and that work sometimes takes a "back seat" to other obligations. The women entrepreneur members of the Serene Solopreneur community are committed to growing their ​businesses; increasing their wealth and personal power; and taking care of themselves and their loved ones. 

In addition to providing ​online educational events each month that are designed specifically ​to educate and support women entrepreneurs, we ​are a community of women supporting women. Our discussions take a deep dive into subjects that ​include running a business, organizing a household, and making time for yourself.

​Serene Solopreneur Community Benefits



​Daily reminders that ​remind ​women entrepreneurs ​ to take care of ​their own needs.



​Three live, educational events each month precisely for ​female entrepreneurs who work from home. ​



​A vibrant, moderated Facebook Group ​to support women entrepreneurs with their business and life. ​



​Discounts on ​​resources ​that will support women entrepreneurs.

​The Serene Solopreneur community understands women entrepreneurs. We know that running your own business can be overwhelming, especially if ​you're a "one woman show" and have other responsibilities. We're ​here to educate, encourage, and support ​women entrepreneurs -- so that you can make good business decisions and don't feel alone.

​Sue Allen Clayton, Founder of the Serene Solopreneur

Our Monthly Live Events

​Running a home-based business ​can be lonely. It can also be overwhelming as you handle sales, marketing, bookkeeping, website development, social media -- and more. ​Each month, we bring you four live events that are ​designed to entertain, educate and support​ women entrepreneurs with home-based businesses. ​All events are held via Zoom, so you will able to see the presenter(s) and (in most cases) your fellow solopreneurs.

Sue Allen Clayton reading book

​Book Club

​A monthly discussion of a ​business-related book that will help ​female home-based business owners grow their business.

Sue Allen Clayton Lunch & Learn

​lunch & learn

​A monthly interview with experts in finance, SEO, email marketing, and other issues of interest to ​female soloprereneurs.

Sue Allen Clayton coffee break

​Coffee Break

​A 30-minute discussion about mindset and motivation, that will help ​give you tools to take care of yourself, your loved ones, and your home-based business.

​Get it Done Day

​A 4-hour event where members gather virtually to work on projects of their choosing. These include accounting, content creation, and cleaning up your home office.

​The Serene Solopreneur is an online community designed to encourage, educate and support women entrepreneurs. It is a community where ​home-based entrepreneurs ​can be honest about ​their business (and ​their life), and feel supported by ​​women who are also balancing ​running their business ​with other responsibilities.

​Sue Allen Clayton, Founder of the Serene Solopreneur

​Why You Should Join the Serene Solopreneur Community

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    ​You're looking for support. We have a private, moderated Facebook group designed ​to support women entrepreneurs with home-based businesses. The group includes daily themes (such as Motivation Monday or Tech Tuesday) that encourage members to share what works for them. We also have days that focus on self-care (Wellness Wednesday) and encourage ​members to take risks (Fearless Friday). Members are encouraged to ask questions, to share challenges, and to post celebrations.
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    You're looking for encouragement. You will be part of a community of ​women supporting women, facilitated by a well-trained coach. What makes this group different is that we all have commitments beyond our business. Most of us are juggling roles as parents, spouses, children, community members and more (including, of course, being pet owners). Our events are designed to provide encouragement and support. In addition, a daily motivational quote is posted in our Facebook group to help lift your spirits.
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    ​You need education relevant to ​women entrepreneurs. While it's awesome to understand Amazon's business model, it's not very helpful for a one-woman business. Our education centers on topics that are directly related to being a female solopreneur who works from home. These include managing your time, stress, money, marketing, self-care and other obligations.
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    You ​feel isolated. Being a ​female ​entrepreneur can be ​lonely, especially if you are home-based and your biggest weekly adventure is grocery shopping. The Serene Solopreneur is committed to building a community. All of our events are conducted online using Zoom. You will be able to see the presenters and (in most cases) the other participants. Members are encouraged to participate in live events and to develop relationships with each other.
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    You need something positive in your life. Let's face it ... it's easy to get depressed over politics, school shootings, global warming, the economy, and pretty much everything else on the news. While the Serene Solopreneur community recognizes the importance of being politically active, we also know that having successful businesses will increase our power. The Serene Solopreneur community is designed to ​keep ​women entrepreneurs in a positive space so that you can focus on your business.
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    You have been shamed by coaches for not doing enough. Many of the top industry coaches are extroverted males who have "people" to handle their lives. While their advice to "Give 110% to your business every day" is admirable, they do not understand that many women entrepreneurs are juggling ​responsibilities and that, unfortunately, business does not always come first. The goal of the Serene Solopreneur community is to help celebrate what we are getting done -- not shame ​female entrepreneurs for not doing enough.

​It's easy to find information on how to run a business, but not much of it applies to ​female entrepreneurs who have home-based businesses. The Serene Solopreneur provides education and support around mindset, technology and systems that will help support women entrepreneurs. Our goal is to help you build your business -- and make your life easier.

​Sue Allen Clayton, Founder of the Serene Solopreneur

​Why You Should NOT join the Serene Solopreneur Community

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    You're ​a guy. Sorry. This group is for women only.
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    ​​You've got it all figured out. Your personal and business lives integrate seamlessly. You never "drop the ball" and are a shining example of "doing it all" to your family and friends.
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    You find running your business to be easy. Despite being inundated with information, you easily select what is relevant and helpful -- and ignore the rest.
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    You always fix your hair and makeup. Even on days you don't see clients.
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    Your work area is uncluttered and organized. You manage all aspects of your business with total ease. You get everything accomplished during work hours, so your business obligations never intrude on your personal life.
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    Your life is free of distractions. Nothing keeps you from running your business or meeting your goals. Pets, children, parents and telemarketers leave you alone. You are 100 percent focused on your work.
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    You easily pop into "work mode" every day. You feel passionate about what you're doing and can't wait to get started on your day.
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    You prioritize your own self-care. You come first, ahead of over your personal and business obligations. You exercise regularly, drink enough water, and get enough sleep.
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    You expect perfection. This is not a group where the founder (or our members) have all the answers or whose ​lives run like ​well-oiled machines. We are women entrepreneurs who are committed to helping each other. We share our challenges, offer solutions, and ​try to remember our ​sense of humor.
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    You aren't an animal lover. ​Serene Solopreneurs apologetically love our pets. They are some of the best supporters in a home-based business. Posting pictures of furry friends is strongly encouraged.
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    You don't use Facebook. While it's still possible to get a lot of value out of the Serene Solopreneur community if you don't have Facebook, it is the primary way that we communicate.

​Become a Serene Solopreneur

​The Serene Solopreneur community is unique because we support ​women entrepreneurs who ​run home-based businesses, ​in addition to having other responsibilities in their home or community. We provide encouragement, education and support specifically for female entrepreneurs by hosting Live events and through ​our ​moderated Facebook group.

​Our vibrant Facebook group has two components that are designed to support women entrepreneurs. Every day has a theme (such as "Wellness Wednesday" or "Fearless Friday") to inspire you to improve your health or your business. Every evening we post a motivational quote that will uplift and inspire you. In between, you'll enjoy interaction with your fellow female entrepreneurs.

​Sue Allen Clayton, Founder of the Serene Solopreneur

​Member Benefits: 4 Live Events Each Month

​All events are held online using Zoom teleconferencing software. All events except Get It Done Day are recorded and stored in the membership library.

​Lunch & Learn

This year's subjects include:

  • ​Beyond the Spreadsheet: Accounting for Solopreneurs
  • Email Marketing for Solopreneurs
  • From Mess to IRS
  • How to Create a Live Event
  • How to Dress to Flatter Your Body Type
  • SEO for Solopreneurs
  • Trusting your Gut for Solopreneurs

Coffee Break

​This year's subjects include:

  • 17 ways to make tough decisions
  • Conquering food cravings with the Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Declutter your home office with feng shui
  • Fear: Friend or Foe
  • How introverts can thrive in an extroverted world
  • How to get motivated when you don't want to do anything.

​Get It Done Day

​Members use Get It Done Day to accomplish tasks that include:

  • Writing content for social media
  • ​Bookkeeping, invoicing and paying bills
  • Applying for speaking engagements
  • ​Making a difficult or unpleasant phone call
  • Cleaning up their office
  • Any other project they've been procrastinating on

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